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There is a good and successful marriage, but unproductive marriage is not possible. Each successful marriage and sustainability include an unconditional commitment to an individual. Expecting that your spouse is complete and without any flaws is expected ...

The secret of having a successful marriage

When men and women contract a marriage contract, they commit themselves to life together. But this is not always the case, and sometimes even after a short period of time, the relationship between them has become colder and eventually leads to separation. Why do some couples stay together for the rest of their lives, and after all, they end up separating. You must know that both should try and keep pace with each other in order to maintain a relationship between men and women. In this article, we will discuss the secrets of a successful marriage that can guarantee the survival of the relationship between men and women

Realize realistic expectations

The romantic and romantic relationship is awesome, and surely seeing the best features in your partner helps maintain love and intimacy. But you plan to live with your spouse for years, so you should be able to ignore some of his flaws. In the initial turbulence of passion and love, one may seem perfectly and indifferent to a person who has a romantic sense of it, but after some time discovering his weaknesses and personality defects. At this time, in order to continue marriage, we need to go beyond personality weaknesses and shortcomings, because no one is perfect at all. In all marriages, we must sometimes work to maintain our relationship. It is disappointing to imagine that effortlessly and effortlessly maintains a relationship or that our relationship must always be perfect and perfect (as unrealistic expectations cause disappointment).

Perhaps you insist that your partner is ideal, but you should not forget that he is also a human being


Learn the dispute resolution methods

Have you ever noticed that some people never apologize, they never accept their mistakes and never say "sorry"? These are people who are unlikely to get married, or if they are married, their marriage is not lasting. In a study conducted by San Francisco, researchers found that those who have successful marriages, twice as divorced or single, have the ability and desire to apologize to their partner. The study found that those who are successful in marriage are more likely to apologize 25% for earlier ones, even if they do not quite blame themselves. The more apathy or conciliatory behaviors are more difficult for single and single people, the more likely they are to stay alone

It is true that passion makes two people marry, but it is a compromise and respect that keeps them together in the course of time. So learn to apologize.

Be happy and happy with each other

Regularly remembering the romantic times in the past and pointing them to the conversations (for example, "How great is it when we ..." and "Remember when ...") is an effective way to stay connected. But laughing at one another is even more effective. According to new research, couples who laugh at each other and keep track of funny things are usually more satisfied with their relationships. Make fun memories with each other and often remember them. The lack of fun causes the fading of marriage, as lack of water causes the flower to fade


Try to keep your relationship

Successful couples regularly review their living conditions and talk together to ensure both the happiness and satisfaction of both living together. If you are dissatisfied with one or both of your life, solve your problem

Some couples dispute strongly but still have successful marriage. Others are less contentious, but when it comes to controversy, the relationship between them is severely damaged. What is the difference between the two groups?

The issue is not whether you dispute with your partner, how you dispute with him, determines whether your marriage will last for a long time.

Another important factor indicating that the relationship will eventually fail will be over-defensive. If a person begins to scream as soon as his wife makes a mistake and feels he is threatened or attacked, and this behavior is a usual feature of the relationship between them, then that relationship is in a critical condition. Defensive mode prevents communication and eliminates intimacy
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